4 out of 10 parents and carers of disabled children concerned about their financial stability survey finds

Friday, December 18th, 2015 | Posted in Blog

This week, Revitalise, a national Respite_future-2charity which provides respite breaks for disabled people and their carers unveiled the results of its new survey, examining the past, present and future of disabled people and carers.

The survey found that two thirds (63%) were concerned about diminishing respite and social opportunities. Over half (53%) said they worried about getting less support from statutory services and 4 out of 10 (43%) expressed fears about ending up isolated and alone.

Highlighting their financial worries, a third (32%) of disabled people and carers said they had no idea how they would make ends meet in future and 4 out of 10 (39%) said they wanted to feel more financially secure. *

*source: http://revitalise.org.uk/latest-releases/8-out-of-10-concerned-about-the-future-survey-finds/

How FTCT grants can help

Here at FTCT, 19% of all grant enquiries received this year, were from parents or carers of children with disability or special needs. Of those families who were successful, the average grant received was £950, either providing a one-off or part payment for items including specialist clothing, mobility equipment, respite activities and more.  Families like Donna, Mark and Joseph.

Mark, Donna and Joseph pic

Nine year old Mark was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which affects his limbs and speech. His parents, Donna and Joseph, are his full-time carers and educate him at home. Joseph used to work for Morrisons and Safeway, so when they needed help to pay for music therapy sessions for Mark, they applied for a grant from the FTCT.

Revitalise’s survey serves as an ongoing reminder there are still many more families FTCT grants could be helping. This January, we will be launching our annual charity campaign, contacting over 250 UK based organisations, including Family Fund, Gingerbread and Turn2Us, who can pass info about FTCT grants to their service users. In addition, we will also be expanding our listings on grant search tools like disabilitry-grants.co.uk.

Help us spread the word

But word of mouth is still our strongest referral method and that’s where you come in. Please tell families you know about FTCT grants. Whether in the school playground, over coffee or sharing our page on Facebook, it all adds up.

Nicola’s friend did and it made a Pic of Scott familyhuge difference to her daughter Mia, We heard about FTCT at a local special needs gardening club by another parent who had applied for help. I am glad we did. FTCT awarded a grant for a specialist sensory tent for Mia and some horse riding therapy sessions, plus, a little extra for a new washer/dryer too.” Nicola, Mum of Mia.

If you know a family who could benefit from an FTCT grant, please get in touch. Contact Dora on 0300 123 9002 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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