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Friday, January 6th, 2012 | Posted in Blog

Happy New Year everyone!

My name is Francesca and I am the Grants     Co-ordinator here at FTCT, writing instead of the lovely Jill this week.

Often I hear very similar worries and concerns from parents and carers who call us here at FTCT. So I thought, why not start my very own monthly blog, where I can post articles and advice on common issues affecting FTCT parents and carers. Where better to start this month than with the issue on everyone’s minds- money.

Whilst our grants often provide a short-term solution for parents/carers unable to afford a winter coat, special equipment or tutoring for their children, this doesn’t solve the long term financial problems that families are facing. That’s why here at FTCT we are always on the look-out for organisations who can help families to solve their money problems once and for all.

I was recently introduced to Paul Guy from a wonderful organisation called Payplan, at a John Lewis Partners support show, which we attended last month. Payplan are one of the few organisations that offer a truly free debt advice and management service. Whatever your financial problems are, however small and silly or big and scary, Payplan can help you. They have a lovely team of helpful advisors on the end of their free phone line and also have an easy to use website which will take you through the initial steps for getting help and asking an advisor to call you.

So, what exactly can Payplan do for you? Firstly, they can present you with all the options for dealing with your debt. Once you’ve decided on the best solution for you, they can speak with the people you owe and set up a sustainable solution.

For more information or advice call Payplan on 0800 280 2816 or visit their website. Remember to let them know that you’re working with us too!

In the meantime don’t forget that our FTCT grants are here to help you get over those small (or large) hiccups on your way forward. See you next month!

FTCT- Grants Co-ordinator




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