A lifeline for little Louie-18 months on

Friday, January 18th, 2013 | Posted in Blog, Success stories

In July 2011, we wrote a very special blog post all about little Louie, then aged 7 months, one of the many children who has been supported by a grant from FTCT. Now 18 months on, here’s an update on how Louie is doing and the difference our grant continues to make for Louie and his family.

After a premature birth, it was soon diagnosed that Louie, pictured, was severely deaf. As Louie was pre-lingually deaf, the development of speech would be hugely challenging. With Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) the possibility of learning to talk and therefore attend mainstream school was a possibility, however funding was not available. Louie’s mum Rebecca, who was at that time employed at high street fashion retailer NEXT, contacted FTCT to see if they may be eligible for a grant. FTCT was delighted to be able to support the AVT sessions for the next three years.

Now, nearly 18 months on, we are thrilled to say that Louie’s therapy is going really well. We have been informed by mum Rebecca that Louie is chatting lots and starting to say 3-4 word little sentences, which is amazing!

Rebecca told FTCT; “The AVT sessions are still a godsend and he is still responding to the treatment plan brilliantly…We will always hold the FTCT charity dear to our hearts and when Louie can learn to write and speak, he will thank you all personally”.

We’re here and want to help more children like Louie. Call us today on 0300 123 9002 or email : grants@ftct.org.uk.




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