An evening of celebration with CVUK

Friday, March 9th, 2012 | Posted in Blog, Events

On Wednesday night, FTCT hosted a very special event, in celebration of the success of our Outreach Campaign to date. In particular those companies who have helped us by getting our message across to their staff.

Sponsored by CVUK, the event took place in the beautiful Collection Bar and Restaurant in Chelsea. It was lovely to see so many friendly faces from companies with whom we already work including; Janine Leightley and Heather Pinder from BHSTim Pointer from Pentland, Paul Lorraine from Basler and Louise McAbe and Cressida Dimmock from ASOS, among many others.

We were also thrilled to introduce some new guests to our event including, Sam Brandon from Dior, Mike Stimpson from Austin Reed and Angela Hughes from Uttam London, for whom the evening was their first introduction to the charity.

FTCT Director, Anna, warmly welcomed guests to the event before inviting Janine Leightley, Head of HR at BHS  to talk about the steps which her team have taken to raise awareness of FTCT among their 13,000 employees and the positive results this has brought. Sponsor, Vanessa Green CVUK, closed, encouraging new companies not yet working with FTCT to, “just do it” and get involved today!

Upon leaving, each guest was given on of our special FTCT care packs, containing posters, contact cards and 5 key facts about the charity, making it even easier for them to start talking to their staff about FTCT- today.

The event was a huge success. It was fantastic to share the success stories of our industry partners while strengthening our links and building new partnerships in the process.

We would like to say thank you to all our guests for taking the time to join us and with a special thanks to Janine for taking the time to talk speak at our event and to the team at The Collection for all their help and support in making the evening such a success.

Of course none of this would have been possible without Vanessa Green and the team at CVUK who generously sponsoring the entire evening and provided us with the most wonderful button shaped cake pops!

For more photos from last night’s event, please click here. If your company is not yet working with FTCT, please contact Anna, to find out more about how you can get involved- today.




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