Announcing our new partnership with Caudwell Children

Friday, March 24th, 2017 | Posted in Blog

We are proud to announce a Caudwellbutton peoplebrand
new partnership with t
he Staffordshire based national charity Caudwell Children, which provides practical and emotional support to disabled children and their families.

We have joined forces, to provide shared funding for a range of mobility and sensory equipment, therapies and treatments; including specialist wheelchairs, buggies, car seats, tricycles and light sensory packs.

Lisa Bates, Associate Director of Core Services for Caudwell Children, says that the funding partnership provides a fantastic opportunity for parents to secure an essential item for their child.

As she explained: “The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust is a fantastic charity with a long history of providing support to families in the UK fashion and textile industry. By providing extra funding for items that cost £750 or more this partnership is set to help many families across the UK.”

FTCT’s Director, Anna Pangbourne says the partnership is the first if its kind for the charity. “We are absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with Caudwell Children to reach many more UK families with disabled children. Families who may not realise they are eligible for our support because of where they work. ”

Interested in applying? First, check you can answer YES to the two following questions:

  • Either myself or my partner works or recently worked for at least one year in the UK fashion and textile industry*. Recently means any point within the last nine years. 

  • I/ we receive child benefit for our child/children aged 0-18 years. 

If you answered YES to both of the above questions, please call Caudwell Children’s Applications team on 01782 600266 or email them at:


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