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Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 | Posted in Blog, Success stories

Last week we were delighted to premiere the video case story of Archie and his family at the Drapers Independent Awards. This week, we would like to talk a little more about the family’s story and how the grant has helped.

Archie’s Dad Steve works for the fashion brand, Lands’ End. Steve and his wife Leanne have four children, Archie, Pheobie, Grace and Teddy.

The family recently had to move house in order to make necessary adaptations to suit Archie’s needs. Archie has a undiagnosed condition, similar to cerebral palsy. Archie solely relies on the care that Steve and Leanne provide for him.

Steve and Leanne heard about FTCT through Lands’ End Employment Support,Wendy Sanders. They decided to apply for a specialist seating system called a P-Pod for Archie. The system allows Archie to relax with the family in a comfortable chair, instead of his wheelchair or bed.

After getting in touch with our charity, Dora (FTCT’s grants coordinator) asked if the other children might need anything to help with the move.

The family received a grant of £2,000 towards a seating system for Archie, along with a tray and sun canopy/raincover for his wheelechair. The grant even stretched to new beds and drawers for Teddy, Grace and Pheobie.

Steve told us, “from my perspective not to find the money myself and work additional hours has given me the time to be with my family , time to support Leanne and Archie and have time with the other children as a family. “

“Nobody wants to have to accept help for something like this, nobody expects to be in a position that they are but there are charities like the fashion and textile children’s trust that want to help.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Steve and Leanne for sharing their FTCT success story with us and for allowing us to make this video.

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