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Friday, October 21st, 2011 | Posted in Blog

The team at the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust have been on the road again this week and have managed to be present at 2 fantastic trade shows.

This weekend we met over 50 independent retailers and manufacturers who supply the UK with every aspect of a child’s school uniform needs. By talking to people on the stand we were able to tell employers about how we can support staff at their companies. Each was sent home with a poster to put up in their staffroom on the promise they would tell their employees about how we can help, should the need arise.

Our thanks go to Chris Whitby, chair of thehelp, foR , families, in the UK, welfare needs of children in the uk,help, foR , families, in the UK, welfare needs of children in the uk, Schoolwear Association and Joyce Daly for inviting us to the event.

On Wednesday we were back in London and talking to some of the leading UK fashion fabric suppliers at the UK Textile Forum Fashion Fabrics Show.

Organised by the UKFT, the show brought together textile designers, suppliers and manufacturers from around the country.

Being at both events has meant that this week alone we spoke to over 100 companies within the UK who we would otherwise not have been able to reach. By sewing the seeds in peoples minds of how we work and more importantly who we help, it means our name will be at the forefront of their minds in the time of need.

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