BHS’ support for FTCT grows

Friday, December 2nd, 2011 | Posted in Blog

FTCT-BHS-Fashion & Textile Children's Trust-BHS Head OfficeThis week, Anna and I visited offices of BHS, to meet with Janine Leightley, Head of HR Retail, to talk about how we can continue to help their employees.

BHS have been fabulous supporters of our Outreach Campaign, since our re-launch last year. Due to the sensitive nature of most FTCT grant applications, it is important for us to find direct but discrete ways, to reach out to parents whose children we may be able to help. Janine and her team have been incredibly understanding of this fact and have worked with us to explore how this may be possible within BHS, in the following ways;

  • Meeting their store managers at their bi-annual conference.
  • Featuring information about the grants FTCT can provide, in their internal newsletter, ‘People Communications’, every 8 weeks.
  • Piloting our FTCT contact cards, which display information about the help we can provide, by inserting these into the wage slips of their employees. Meaning employees, who receive their wage slips at home, can consider the details on the card in privacy.

As a direct result, FTCT have granted funding for to the children of 2 BHS employees in the last month alone, in addition to a further 5 enquiries.

Going forward, BHS have pledged to continue their support for all of the above, along with exploring new ways for our organisations to work together.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Janine, Heather and all the team at BHS for their support with our Outreach Campaign.

If you are inspired by BHS’ example and want to get involved with any aspect of our Outreach Campaign, please contact Anna;

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