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Friday, October 21st, 2016 | Posted in Blog


We are still smiling about the welcome we received this week, from the M&S Business Involvement Group-the company’s network of 3,500 elected employee representatives. Each working across 3 regions of the UK, BIG reps involve, consult and inform M&S colleagues on the matters that affect them – including support services like FTCT.




The session was buzzing with questions about FTCT grants and how they could help M&S families. There were even some tears when we screened Archie and Steve’s FTCT movie>

John Dorrington, Head of BIG commented, “What really stood out for me was the personal touch, the care and attention the FTCT team give to understand each [family's] situation”


With lots of exciting promotion plans in the pipeline, we can’t wait to start working with the BIG reps to help more M&S families.

Want to start promoting FTCT grants to your employees? Get in touch with Anna, to find out. Call 0203-667-7882 or email 

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