Billie’s big FTCT Business Breakfast

Friday, June 17th, 2011 | Posted in Blog

Nearly 50 senior executives and guests joined us yesterday for our bi-annual FTCT Business Breakfast. Sponsored by Accenture, the event gave us the chance to let CEO’s from leading fashion retailers know about our exciting progress and achievements since our re-launch last November. A huge thank you to Tim Danaher, our host and guest speakers, Michael Sharp and Miles Gray for their enlightening insights. Our biggest round of applause however, deservedly goes to Billie, 13 years, who is supported by the Trust. Billie’s moving story was a poignant reminder of the help we can give. In the words of one of our guests, ‘Billie was amazing’. If you would like your company to be involved with our charity, please call Anna on 0300 123 9002

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