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Thursday, April 21st, 2016 | Posted in Blog

Today our patron, Her Majesty the Queen _89359396_b3b37565-aaef-4ef3-af85-7ea5aeaa1a1dcelebrates her 90th birthday, making her Britain’s longest reigning monarch. To commemorate this fabulous occasion, we’ve compiled a little blog post about how Her Majesty has supported FTCT over the years.

Our Heritage

Established in 1853, the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust exists today, due a small group of philanthropic textile warehouse owners, who wanted to help the bereaved widow and children of a former colleague. Between them, they agreed to establish an institution to ‘clothe, maintain and educate the children of warehousemen, clerks and agents working in the textile and allied trades’. In 1856 a small school was opened in a lodge in New Cross –  with the prestigious support of Charles Dickens – dedicated to supporting the children of those working in the industry. Read more about our heritage, here>

Opened by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, the school thrived and following the First World War a second school was built, which became the Royal Russell School.

The Queen’s first visit to the school was in 1950, then as Princess Elizabeth, two years before ascending the throne.  She visited the school again in 1963, shortly before our charity separated from the school and formed the trust with proceeds from the sale.

We are proud and honoured to have Her Majesty’s support throughout our journey and still call her our patron today.

Upcoming celebrations fit for a Queen 

The Patrons Lunch logo

On Sunday 13th June 2016, we will be joining 600 other patrons organisations at The Patron’s Lunch, a picnic and carnival in Her Majesty’s presence, staged on The Mall. The FTCT table will be hosted by team members Anna, Janet and Jill, who will welcome past FTCT fundraisers and beneficiary families to join them.

There are hundreds of events planned across the UK between now and June, so why not see what’s planned in your local area.

Or why not host your own street party, in celebration of Her Majesty’s special occasion.

Image source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36093306

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