Brendan’s Marathon Training Diary: 315 days and counting.

Monday, June 3rd, 2013 | Posted in Blog

We are delighted to bring you a very Brendan in Mexico- Blog Post Day 1special new blog series, Brendan’s Marathon Training Diary. Written by Brendan Dorrian, one of our 2014 London Marathon runners, it follows his training adventures as he prepares for the big race, next April. Brendan travels the world with his job as Head of Business Development at Fawaz Alhokair Fashion, so you can expect some glamorous locations as backdrop for his regular blog series. Enjoy!

“This is me on my first day of training towards the 2014 London Marathon, in aid of FTCT. I chose to start my training on this day because it was symbolic: I was in Mexico City, on the same day that the Mexico City marathon was run, though because of the sun here, the last of the runners were coming over the line around 9.30am. 315 days, and counting” 

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