Catching up with Wallis …

Friday, July 3rd, 2015 | Posted in Blog

Wallis_Master_logo_blackMum and Daughter-homescreenWe’re really looking forward to meeting with Whitney Brooks, HR Manager, Wallis in a few weeks time. Whitney found out about FTCT through our Industry Campaign launched 3 weeks ago, encouraging fashion retailers to get in touch….

Ensuring that YOUR employees are aware of the support we can give, is simple – we can pop in for a brief 20 minute meeting, get an understanding of your company and how you communicate with your staff from head office to shop floor, DC to supplier. We can then send you as many posters as you need, provide you with copy for your staff magazine, e-newsletter and more – it’s all on us!

So if you haven’t called us yet, please, pick up the phone, so families in your company know all about us. It took Whitney 1 minute to get in touch – by taking the time to call us, we could be helping a family soon ….

Call 0300-123-9002 or email

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