Congratulations to our Super Hero runners

Friday, May 19th, 2017 | Posted in Blog, Events

Last Sunday, a sunny Regents Park Picture of Hobbs and John picturesaw director Anna, dad John and Hobbs London join thousands of runners to take on the 5k Do it for Charity Super hero challenge.

Dressed in bespoke capes – made by their in house atelier – the Hobbs team whizzed round the course, with fastest runner Bethan coming in around 25 mins. There were even some newbies in the group completing their first ever 5k.

John and Anna took a gentler approach, walking the 5k course in under one hour!

Huge congratulations to all our super heroes for their enthusiasm and commitment. You fully earned your medals!

          team hobbs running 5k IMG_5779   IMG_5782

You still have time to sponsor our runners

Sponsor Team HobbsSponsor-John

Hobbs have so far raised a whopping £995, through sponsorship, a delicious looking bake sale and an exclusive cinema night at their Head Office.  You can help them hit their £2,300 target by sponsoring them today.

How will your donation help?

We can’t promise any cakes in return Picture of Dexter's new Bedfor your donation, but your money would make a huge difference to our charity.

The retail landscape is changing and our work is more relevant than ever. We’ve seen a significant rise in the demand for grants recently. An average grant is £150, which buys a school uniform for a child or a new bed for a child, like Dexter aged 4 years.

We operate at a low cost with a small team, which means any donation will go directly to beneficiaries.

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