Debenhams host nationwide FTCT focus week

Friday, June 15th, 2012 | Posted in Blog

A member of the Oxford Street Debenhams team putting up an FTCT poster.

Monday marks the start of a very special fortnight in the FTCT calendar. FTCT industry partners Debenhams are hosting an FTCT focus fortnight, aimed at raising awareness of our charity among employees at the company.

By putting up FTCT posters on staff noticeboards across all 60 of their stores, featuring an article on FTCT in their staff newsletter, ‘Payslip News’, displaying our ½ page advert on all PC screens at head office and placing links to our website on their staff intranet, the HR team at Debenhams are doing everything they can to make sure our message reaches all of their 22,000 employees.

It was through Debenhams’ support of our Outreach Campaign, last year, that we were able to support Thomas,10yrs, whose mum Sam, an employee at Debenhams, got in touch after seeing one of our posters on her staff noticeboard.

It’s a huge help for our tiny charity, being able to reach so many employees in one fortnight which is why we are so grateful for their support in making this possible. We hope that with so much promotion going on over the next two weeks both in store and at Head Office, we will be able to reach many more children like Thomas, who may need our help.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the HR team at Debenhams including, David, Laura and HR Director and FTCT Trustee, Nikki Zamblera, for all their hard work, enthusiasm and support.

If your company is not yet engaged with FTCT’s Outreach Campaign, please contact Anna and find out you can start supporting us, today


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