FTCT celebrates 160 years of supporting employees in UK fashion and textiles

Friday, June 17th, 2016 | Posted in Blog, Events

Lord Stone of Blackheath hosted 2. NIGEL_an evening reception at The House of Lords (Thursday 16th June), celebrating over 160 years of the charity’s work and our strategy to help more families.  

Guests included representatives from the retail and manufacturing industries, including (pictured) Nigel Oddy (Hof), Steve Rowe (M&S), Lord Stone of Blackheath, Anna Pangbourne (FTCT).

Representatives from charities including 1. MEG_ANNA_GERALD_ELIZABETHGingerbreadTurn2Us and Buttle UK, also joined representatives from trade organisations including UKFT and BSSA  were also present, alongside FTCT stakeholders and beneficiaries.

We were also very honored to be joined by Gerald Dickens, great-grandson of Charles Dickens, one of our founding trustees. Gerald is pictured here with (from left to right) Meg (Chair of Trustees), Anna (FTCT Director) and his wife Elizabeth.

Speakers on the night included Lord Stone and Louise May, senior HR advisor, Boden Leicester, who spoke about her personal experience of referring staff to FTCT.

Meg and Anna then outlined plans to double the amount of children FTCT support by 2019.

Meg commented, “Our purpose is very simple and clear. FTCT is here to give money to families in need and our goal is to help many more families. So our first and most important objective is to raise awareness of the charity and that we are here to help. We hope that everyone who attended last night’s event will help us achieve our goal by referring families to FTCT and distributing our information among their colleagues and staff.”

A huge thank you to Lord Stone for being such a wonderful host and for making last night’s event possible. Thank you to Louise and Meg for their insightful and emotive speeches.

Take a look at all the photos from last night, here>

House of Lords Event-Thursday 16th June

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