FTCT’s partnership with AVUK grows roots

Friday, April 19th, 2013 | Posted in Blog

This week, Anna and I were invited to visit Jill with Isobel AVUKto the London base of Auditory Verbal UK, a national charity which teaches deaf babies and children to listen and speak using Auditory Verbal Therapy, so that they can achieve their potential in life. We are currently funding little Louie, aged 18months, to attend monthly sessions at AVUK- who we are thrilled to say is making excellent progress as seen in our update blog post from earlier this year-which is how we came to hear about the wonderful work they do.

During our visit we were able to tell AVUK’s Family Liaison officer, Isobel Weller (pictured), more about our grants and how we could help to support many more children like Louie, to benefit from therapy sessions at the centre.

Auditory Verbal Therapy is an individualised, auditory, developmental programme, implemented by the child’s family in close collaboration with a therapist, with the goal of achieving age appropriate spoken language ability, and full social participation throughout childhood and beyond. Through this therpay, hearing and listening become an integral part of communication, play, education and eventually work (source www.avuk.org).

There is growing interest amongst families and professionals in the UK for Auditory Verbal Therpay, but is not available on the NHS, meaning parents must carry the therapy costs. AVUK currently run a bursary fund for parents on low income, however places are limited and demand for the therapies continue to grow.

This is where FTCT can help. We can provide funding for a child to complete AVUK’s therapy course, where their parent or carer has a trade connection to the fashion and textile industry and low income is a barrier for their child’s access to auditory verbal therapy. This will in turn enable more children to access AVUK’s bursary fun and the therapy they need.

Isobel told FTCT, “I am so glad to have found out about the funding available through FTCT for children undertaking AVT at AVUK, as we never want finance to be a barrier for children to come to us, but as a small charity it’s often difficult to help families find the funding they need. So thank you, FTCT, for making that a possibility for children who might not otherwise have the chance!” 

FTCT posters will now be going up in both AVUK’s London and Oxfordshire therapy centres and information about grants available will be given to all future families with a trade connection to the industry.

To find out more about the fabulous work of AVUK, please visit www.avuk.org. If you know a child like Louie, who FTCT may be able to support, please contact Emma, FTCT’s Grants Co-Ordinator on grants@ftct.org.uk.


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