FTCT’s Top Christmas Hacks

Thursday, December 15th, 2016 | Posted in Blog

We can’t believe it’s almost Christmas and there is still lots to do! Presents for the kids school teachers, cards for all their friends and not to forget a dodgy jumper for the Christmas fundraiser. 

Don’t panic! There is still time to get Christmas sorted even on the tightest budget. Here’s the FTCT’s team’s top Christmas hacks:

Make, bake and send

Instead of spending lots of money on cooking Christmas cookies at home.Christmas gifts for the kids teachers (another novelty mug, really?) why not try making some gifts instead? The children can help, and they’ll love making a couple of special gifts for their favourite teachers – at a fraction of the cost. Together, you could make some lovely biscuits or sweets, pop them in a box and tie them with some ribbon? Picture source: Designed by Freepik

Try this easy (and cheap) recipe from BBC Good Food

Not the Mary Berry type? For a very personal gift, your little ones could ‘recycle’ an old photo frame, paint & decorate it. Or make your own from cardboard and gift wrap. Add a lovely photograph of the children for a great gift for the grandparents. Picture source: Stockvault

Follow the steps on this video tutorial from Artsncrafts4u>

Do a swap

Need a dodgy Christmas jumper fast? Why not see if your local area had a Sale or Swap Facebook group. There’s probably loads of local parents willing to swap their children’s old Christmas clothes for a chocolate bar or less!

Gift time and save money

Giving a ‘gift of time’ is a perfect gift Closeup of love message on a wooden background with roses, gift– it might be ‘three nights of babysitting’ or ‘walking the dog’? You can have fun thinking up ‘gifts’ for all the family to make them feel really special.

Or you could pledge to take part in a charity fundraiser next year. There’s lots of fun events for you to join in. Picture source:Designed by Freepik

You could support your families favourite cause,  like FTCT’! Join our Super Hero Fun run in May 2017 and raise money to help support FTCT!

Whatever you decide to do to treat your loved ones this Christmas,  its really important not to stretch yourself financially. Most people feel the under financial pressure at this time of year, so don’t feel obliged to spend more than your can afford. Why not chat to friends and family about your money worries. You might be surprised to hear your not alone in your situation and could come up with some more ways this year.

An update on FTCT grants

Due to a very high demand for our small grants, we are pausing all new applications for essential items costing between £250-£750, until 1st April 2017. Please stay in touch and sign up to our mailing list or like our Facebook page, to be the first to hear when our small grants re-open. 

Need funding for additional support?

We still have funding available for families seeking funding for additional support, typically for larger items including, mobility equipment, sensory toys, specialist clothing or learning tools. These grants are available a one-off or part payments over a longer period.

To find out how to apply, please visit this page
Or fill in an online enquiry form today>


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