We're a small charity that helps children of parents or carers who work in UK fashion and textiles. Getting help from FTCT is really simple- all you need to do is just give us a call.

Call us on 0300 123 9002 or email grants@ftct.org.uk

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Here are some answers to questions you may have about our grants…


Who can apply?

1. Q: Is there an age restriction for the child/children I am applying for?

A: We support children aged 0-18 years. If your child is 18, you can still apply, as long as they are still 18 on the date we receive your application. 

2. Q: I am expecting a child, can I apply before they are born?

A: No, you will have to wait until your child is born so that you can provide their name, date of birth and child benefit proof with your application.

3. Q: Is the grant a one off? Or can I apply again?

A: Yes, you can apply again, once we have received all your receipts from your first grant. Regrettably, until all the receipts are returned to us, we cannot consider a second grant.

4. Q: on your website there is the option for carers and grandparents to apply…what is the criteria for this? Do I need to have parental responsibility? Does the child have to live with me?

A: The parent/carer who applies, must be one of the primary carers for that child.

Example: a grandparent, or family member can claim if they have parental responsibility for the child due to parental absence/ill-health or they care for/are a registered carer for the child due to medical, disability or other reasons, which must be disclosed at the point of application. This does not apply for babysitters or general childcare. To see what we mean by ‘carer’ click here>

5. Q: I don’t work in the industry anymore, can I still apply?
Example: I had to give up work to care for my child full-time, can I still apply?

A: Yes, as long as your trade connection was within the last 9 years, you can still apply for a grant, provided you can provide a P60/P45 or supporting documents (payslips/letter from a past employer) and you meet our other criteria. Please note, we can only accept P60/P45 onwards from 2009 onwards. 

6. Q: I have a new job now, can I still apply for a grant?
Example: I was made redundant from BHS earlier this year, but have a new job now.

A: Yes, we understand that being made redundant can have a knock on effect for your finances. As long as your fashion or textile role was within the last 9 years and you fit our other criteria, you can still apply.

7. Q: The child’s father works in the industry but the mother claims the child benefit, can he still apply?

A: If you live at the same address and can provide a child benefit letter with the same address, as proof, yes the father can still apply.

8. Q: I work in the industry, but have separated from my partner and I am not the one claiming the child benefit, can I still apply?

A:  If you are separated from your partner, both parents would need to consent and contribute towards the application. The employee/ex-employee should email proof of employment P60/P45, etc. to the mother/CB claimant. The mother/CB claimant should then complete the application form and provide all supporting eveidence PLUS a covering email/letter clarifying her consent as the parent of the child This letter should include the childs name and date of birth.

9. Q: I am on maternity leave, can I still apply?

A: Yes, as long as you have worked in the fashion or textile industry for one year or more. PLEASE NOTE: you cannot apply for a grant until your child has been born, as you will to provide their name, date of birth and child benefit proof with your application. You can still apply for an older sibling, while still pregnant, as long as you meet our other criteria.

10. Q: I have worked in the industry for 12months, but not continuously at one company, can I still apply?

A: Yes, but you will need to supply evidence of each employment instance and the length of your employment with this company. This should be through payslips/P60’s or letters from your employers. Please gather ALL of this information before you send in your application form.

11. Q:  My child is completing a paid apprenticeship so I don’t receive child benefit for them. Can I still apply?

A: If your child is completing a paid apprenticeship please contact our grants team on 0300-123-9002 to discuss.  

Applying: Questions about the application process


12. Q: I don’t have access to the internet, what shall I do?

A: If you have a smartphone, you can use this. Otherwise, perhaps you could go down to your local library and use the internet there. You could always ask your manager if it is ok to use a work computer to email us. If none of these options are available to you, you can of course send us your application by post. Just make sure you send us copies and keep the original documents for yourself, in case of any problems.

13. Q: I don’t have access to a scanner, how should I send you my documents?

A: We can accept CLEAR photographs of your documents, you could use your phone or a digital camera to take them. You could also ask your manager if it is possible to use the work scanner to send these documents. You can of course send us your application by post. Just make sure you send us copies and keep the original documents for yourself, in case of any problems.

14. Q: Can I send my application in without evidence?

A: We HIGHLY recommend you send in all evidence and application forms at the same time. All post and emails are dealt with in date order and any documents submitted separately will delay the application process or may result in a rejected application. 

15. Q: I need help with childcare costs, can a grant help me?

A: No, regrettably we cannot fund childcare costs.

16. Can I apply for a laptop for my child? 

A: If you’re child is aged between 14-18, yes.  We consider laptops as an essential study tool for children aged 14-18 years and will accept an application for a child of this age. If your child is under the age of 14 years, we would require a supporting letter from your child’s main education provider stating why it is essential your child has a laptop to support their studies.


Grant received? What to do now


17. Q: I have lost the receipts for my grant item, what do I do?

A: Ideally you should try and obtain copy receipts from the original retailer. If this is not possible, please try and shoe purchase evidence through a recent bank statement. Unfortunately, if you cannot show copies of your receipts we may have to ask for grant money to be repaid. It is also not possible for us to accept applications until all previous grant receipts have been received.

18. Q: What happens if I don’t spend all the grant money?

A: We ask that you spend any remaining money on essential items for your child (clothing, bedding, shoes, etc) if this is not possible, we may ask for any remaining money to be repaid to the charity.

19. Q: I want to use my grant to buy something else…?

A: You will need to email us to seek written permission explaining the reasons why. Unless the purpose of the grant has been confirmed by FTCT in writing before you buy the item FTCT may ask for the money back.

20.Q: Can I apply for a second grant?

A: Due to high demand for our small grants, we can currently only look at a second small grant application six months after the date of the original award letter, subject to all orginal item receipts having been returned, to demonstrate the full amount of funding has been spent. Second applications can only be accepted if you or your partner still fit our application criteria.

If your child has additional learning or medical needs, we may be able to help with further funding earlier than the six month period. Please fill in an online enquiry form with full details about your child’s needs including the items you would like support for and we will consider your request.

This page should hopefully answer all your questions, however if you do get stuck just contact us at grants@ftct.org.uk or call us on 0300 123 9002.



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