We're a small charity that helps children of parents or carers who work in UK fashion and textiles. Getting help from FTCT is really simple- all you need to do is just give us a call.

Call us on 0300 123 9002 or email grants@ftct.org.uk

Success stories

Meet Carone, Cameo, Madison, Jai and Zachary, just some of the children FTCT have supported over the last year…

Picture of Dexter's new Bed

Dexter’s new bed

Laura has worked for Boden since 2008. She recently successfully applied for a grant towards a much needed full size bunk bed and winter clothing for her 4 year old son Dexter. Read more »

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Josh & Kim FTCT case study

Kim & Josh

Kim works a supermarket assistant for Waitrose. Kim received a grant from FTCT towards essential clothing and furniture for her new home with son Josh, aged nine. Read more »

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Laura & Owen

Laura has worked for the NBrown group for over 20 years, in the company’s IT department. She found out about FTCT through a her manager and approached the charity for funding for her eldest son Owen. Here Laura tells their story. Read more »

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Picture of Archie's family

Archie’s family

Archie’s Dad Steve works for Lands’ End. Steve and his wife Leanne successfully applied for £2,000 towards essential items for their children Archie, Gracie, Pheobie and Teddie. Read more »

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Mark, Donna and Joseph pic

Mark, Donna & Joseph

Nine year old Mark was diagnosed with piccerebral palsy which affects his limbs and speech. Joseph used to work for Morrisons and Safeway, so when they needed help to pay for music therapy sessions for Mark, they applied for an FTCT grant. Read more »

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Choice 2

Aisha & Jo

Aisha, 11, lives with her mother Jo. Jo is a single parent who works part-time in Tesco and receives no additional support.  Due to this, finding the extra cash for everyday essentials is a huge challenge. Jo told us: “I heard … Read more »

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Beds croppped

Jasmine, Grace and Lexi

Jasmine owns her own bridal boutique and is mum to Grace and Lexi. Jasmine found out about FTCT on Facebook. The family were given a grant towards bunk-beds for the girls Read more »

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Rachel and Liz

Rachael & Elizabeth

Rachael, 13, has Sickle Cell Anaemia. At risk of ‘sickle cell crisis’, Rachael can experience severe pain and fatigue which makes it difficult for her to go to school, or keep up with her schoolwork at home. Rachael’s mother, Elizabeth, … Read more »

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Lisa Cameo and Carone

Lisa, Carone & Cameo

Twin boys, Carone and Cameo (11) live with their mother Lisa who works for Topshop. Soon to start secondary school, Lisa contacted the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) for help to purchase new school uniforms and PE kits for the boys. Read more »

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FTCT grant recipient

Zachary & Lucy

Zachary aged 6, lives at home with his dad, two brothers and Mum Lucy, who previously worked as a fabric co-ordinator for Ted Baker. FTCT supported Zachary, who suffers from Aspergers, with a grant towards respite activities. Read more »

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