Industry employees have their say on FTCT

Friday, June 29th, 2012 | Posted in Blog

Staff at BHS Watford Store giving feedback at Monday's session.

As a charity exclusively for people with a trade connection to the UK fashion and textile industry, it is critical that we are constantly looking for new ways to promote FTCT among employees across all aspects of this vast industry, while ensuring we are clear in communicating the types of support we can give.

Last week, we held the first of a series of focus groups, talking to a diverse range of employees, from across the industry including employees from BHS stores in Watford and Oxford Street, machinists at Leicester based manufacturing company Jack Masters and employees at sock manufacturers Pantherella.

Participants were shown FTCT’s current marketing materials and asked to give their feedback on how well they communicate the support we can give, while suggesting possible changes, to make our message clearer.

The sessions also gave us the important opportunity to find out more about issues facing employees within different aspects of this vast industry, ensuring the support we give is reflective of their needs.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those participants who generously gave up their time to help FTCT. Their suggestions will now help to shape our new FTCT marketing materials, set to launch later this year, aswell as  FTCT Outreach Campaign activity with all current and future  Industry Partners.

Want to support FTCT? Then why not host your own focus group session at your workplace and send us your comments. To find out how, contact

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