Meet Anita…one of our fabulous FTCT volunteer’s

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 | Posted in Blog

Meet Anita, one of our wonderful FTCT volunteers. Anita has been volunteering with FTCT for the past 4 months now, making her our longest standing FTCT volunteer yet.

Anita has kindly agreed to write a guest blog post for us, about her time as a volunteer with our charity. So take it away Anita.

We know it’s always a bit strange, answering questions about yourself, without feeling like you are in a job interview. So here’s a couple of fun ice-breaker questions for you, to help us get to know the real Anita…

What’s your favourite Disney character and why? Oh, this is a hard one! Has to be stitch from lilo and stitch, he’s so fluffy!

What’s your favourite biscuit? Jaffa cakes!

Anita (right) with Anna at the Drapers Awards 2012

So why did you choose to volunteer for FTCT? 
Well, it started when I visited the local volunteer centre to look for work with kids over the summer, and I stumbled upon FTCT. I had a quick read over what they do and I thought this would be a great place to get some experience. So I emailed them and got a lovely response for an interview with Jill, to get some more information. I went along and I was told about what the charity specialises in and what they do and thought it was a really worthwhile cause.

What were you hoping to gain from volunteering with FTCT?
When I joined up, I thought there would be a lot of fundraising activities and things where you interact with children and parents, which I was half right about! I was hoping to gain some new skills, learn about the charity some more and how they operate. I was hoping to develop on my current skills and use what I knew to contribute. I wanted to get some relevant experience.

What kind of things have you been asked to do as a volunteer for FTCT?
I’d been a volunteer for about 4 months now and you get to do a variety of things, it’s not always repetitive. I have been asked to help out at fundraising events and trade shows (which are my favourite thing so far) in which you get to raise awareness about the charity and even dress up a bit! I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been working behind the scenes in setting up for fundraisers, such as making button badges; for example or sending out newsletters. Plus there is the opportunity to do some administration work and the FTCT team are always happy to listen to new ideas and suggestions to help volunteers in whichever path they are considering.

What has been your favourite part of volunteering for FTCT?
I think I have already given that away! My favourite part is definitely travelling around and fundraising (Anita helped FTCT to get ready for the Drapers Awards 2012). You get to see new things and experiencing real trade shows, events or just giving general awareness of the charity is just a fantastic experience.

Would you recommend volunteering with FTCT?
YES! Even if it’s for a short time, it’s a great experience and you get to meet some lovely people and learn some new skills and do new things.

If you are interested in volunteering with FTCT, please contact

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