Meet Sue Shipley-FTCT Trustee

Friday, October 12th, 2012 | Posted in Blog

As part of our on-going successful series of FTCT team blog posts, giving you the chance to meet the faces behind the charity, here is the third of our fabulous FTCT Trustees blog posts, this week featuring, Sue Shipley who has been an FTCT Trustee for a little over 3 years.

Recently, Sue popped into the FTCT offices, to spend the afternoon with the team and find out more about daily life for the FTCT team. We grabbed the opportunity to ask Sue in her own words, what makes she is proud to be one of our FTCT Trustees. Take it away Sue…

What inspired you to join the board of FTCT Trustees?
I was first approached to join the charity by FTCT’s Chair, David Carter-Johnson and I thought it was a fantastic cause. I could see the value I could bring to the charity, with my wealth of contacts, through my work in the fashion recruitment industry, which is why I jumped on board.

Having been a Trustee for a little over 3 years, what do you think of the new-look FTCT and what do you hope for the charity’s future?
I think the new-look is great! The charity is much more responsive than it was before and fits so well with this modern industry.

What do you think makes FTCT unique?
The fact it’s not just a charity for big businesses, it’s a charity for smaller companies, designers, manufacturers, independent boutiques too.

Why do you think it is so important for the industry to support FTCT?
It was very humbling to come into the office today and really puts some perspective into my busy day of client meetings. What’s really special about FTCT is how much the team really care and are just quietly getting on with supporting families in the industry.
We need more companies to get involved, to continue to build awareness of the charity, within the industry.

What one thing would you say to anyone out there in the industry who is thinking of supporting FTCT?
It is so easy for companies to get involved and it is something really positive they can do for their employees.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Sue, for taking the time to write this unique blog post, just for you, our readers!


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