Melina and Danny’s Story…

Monday, February 23rd, 2015 | Posted in Blog, Success stories

PMelina, mother of Danny, spoke to the team from the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) at the PURE trade show to see if they could help. After completing her degree in textiles, Melina launched her own womenswear label, while her husband is employed as a care worker.

Due to the economic climate times have been tough for the family. Danny was in desperate need of bedroom furniture and, as he was growing fast, he needed replacement clothing. Also, Melina wanted Danny to join a weekly dance class in Manchester to help him socialise with other children, but the family was unable to afford the cost.

Melina also told us: “I love working in the fashion and textile industry but it doesn’t always bring in enough money to afford all the necessities the family needs. The fashion market is tough and my husband is on a low wage. This means we struggle to afford the necessities, as well as, continuing to invest in my business

“When I saw FTCT at the PURE International Trade Show I felt stressed and burdened as I couldn’t provide Danny with the basic essentials such as clothing or furniture for his bedroom. Asking for help was hard, but FTCT is friendly and non-judgemental and the application process is simple.

“Danny was so happy when he got his furniture, clothing and we surprised him with dance classes. The classes have made a great difference and have really given Danny confidence. He enjoys his bedroom so much now and it is a space he is really proud of.  Supplying him with the essentials has really alleviated the stress from our situation.

“The grant has really improved Danny’s quality of life. For any other parent out there I would say, don’t think twice contacting FTCT. These charities are in place to help you. You do not need to be ashamed.”

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