Modelling with Mannequino

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 | Posted in Blog

Anna, Director FTCT, with Arash, Mannequino.

This morning, we met with the lovely Arash from Mannequino, a fabulous new company which produces innovatively designed, flat-pack mannequins. FTCT met husband and wife team, Arash, Kelly and their baby Coco on the FTCT stand at last month’s recently at Textile Forum Trade Show. After learning more about the work of our charity Mannequino immediately wanted to work with us and made us the very kind offer of supplying FTCT with use of a free Mannequino mannequin, to take to all 7 UK trade shows where FTCT are chosen charity!

We just know that with the help of one of Mannequino’s beautiful mannequins drawing visitors to the FTCT stand, we will be able to tell many more families working in the UK fashion and textile industry about the support we can provide. We even have plans of how we can use lights inside the mannequins and decorate it with FTCT pink buttons, to draw even more attention to the FTCT stand!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Arash and Kelly for supporting FTCT, by lending us one of Mannequino’s mannequins and we really look forward to work with Mannequino!

If, like Mannequino, your company would like to support FTCT, please contact, to tell us more.

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