New Year, New Appeal from FTCT

Friday, January 11th, 2013 | Posted in Blog

As the new year begins, our minds naturally turn towards resolutions for the year ahead and for many of us, sorting our finances is top of the list. With changes introduced on Monday to child benefits and government plans to limit rises in working-age benefits to 1% in a bid to save £3.1bn by 2016, a growing number of children’s well-being will be at risk, due to financial hardship.

While our grants cannot provide funding for childcare to make up the shortfall left by child benefit cuts, they can provide a short-term solution to bridge the gap while longer term financial issues are addressed.

As the recession continues to bite and we have seen a 34% rise in the number of cases in the last year and have supported more than 40 children in the 3 months alone. But we know there are many more families across the UK who need our help. That’s why we need your support to do all you can, to raise awareness of grants available from FTCT.

It’s really easy to spread the word about FTCT. Here’s how you can start today, in 4 simple steps:

• Put up an FTCT poster in your workplace, school, local library or citizen’s advice bureau.

• Add our details to your email signature, sending our details to everyone you meet.

Share a link to the FTCT Facebook page with all your friends and colleague, endorsing our charity.

• Wear an FTCT button badge and talk to everyone you meet about the charity.

If you make only one resolution this year, please make it to support FTCT and do whatever you can to raise awareness of grants available to families in need, working in the UK fashion and textile industry.

For up to date advice on benefit cuts and how this will affect you, why not visit the Citizens Advice Bureau, which is full of up to date information.

For advice on managing your money issues, click here to read a our previous blog post about how Payplan can help you.


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