Nicola, Darren and Charlie

Friday, April 17th, 2015 | Posted in Blog, Success stories

Nicola and Darren were devastated when they found out that their child, Charlie, was diagnosed with hearing loss. With no history of hearing impairment in the family, it came as a complete shock to them both. They contacted Auditory Verbal UK (AVUK) a charity that teaches deaf children to listen and speak, but with a new baby on the way, they couldn’t afford the cost of the therapy.Picture

Because Nicola was a previous employee of Tesco, and a clothing manager in her current role for F&F, AVUK signposted the family to the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) so they could apply for funding for Charlie’s therapy.

Nicola and Darren told us: “When we found out our little boy was deaf we felt completely lost and didn’t know where to turn.  We found AVUK, a charity who help children reach their full potential in life by learning the skills to help them listen and talk. Equally, they work with parents so they can develop strategies to communicate with their child.

“We met the team who were fantastic and gave us hope that with help, Charlie will reach all the same goals as any hearing child. But even though AVUK is essential to Charlie’s needs, as a young family with a second child on the way and in the process of buying a bigger house and battling bigger bills, finding the money for the therapy was very difficult for us.  But as we had a trade connection to the UK fashion and textile industry, AVUK told us about FTCT and we contacted them asking for financial assistance.

“It was difficult approaching FTCT at first as we’ve always paid our own way and never asked for a penny, but sometimes life presents you with situations you never thought you’d have to deal with. We had to help our little boy so we had no choice but to seek help.

“When we contacted FTCT, they were so understanding and helpful and listened to our story. They really take an interest in your situation and are extremely considerate of your needs at all times.

“FTCT agreed to pay for the first year of Charlie’s therapy, and will review the funding next year. Now Charlie is enrolled on their programme and has a fantastic team at AVUK working with him. He has made such swift progress and as Charlie will be starting school in September he won’t be playing catch-up and can start with a positive and confident outlook.”

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