Parents help FTCT with poster campaign

Friday, February 18th, 2011 | Posted in Blog

Every year, we get back in touch with you, our parents, whose children we’ve been supporting, to find out how you’ve getting on and to see whether you might need help for the year ahead. This gives us a great opportunity to hear how our grant helped your child and the difference we hope it has made in supporting your son or daughter through a difficult phase.

It’s great to know that we’re able to help families, but this year we’re asking you, our mums and dads, to help us!

Every parent will be receiving our poster and we’d like to you to pass this on to a friend or colleague you who think we might be able to help.You could even give this poster to your school for them to put up on a noticeboard, your work place, your local library, a Sure Start Centre, your local youth group or maybe even another charity that might not know about us. We’re not just able to publicise on paper; we’ve got lots of fantastic resources online such as web banners, newsletter copy and more - quick and easy to download from our website.

By simply passing on our poster, you could be helping us to help another family in the same way that we have helped you. If you need more posters, please call Anna on 0300 123 9002

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