Rachel, Kodee and Colby

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 | Posted in Blog, Success stories

Kodee, 15 and Colby, 14 live with their mother Rachel who has previously worked for Monsoon, Coast and Mint Velvet. Rachel is a single parent and takes care of both teenagers who are profoundly deaf due to a recessive genetic disorder called Pendred’s Syndrome. They’re both reliant on a combination of cochlear implant speech processors and hearing aids.Kodee and Colby

Rachel approached the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) to ask for help with the cost of a new bed and a desk for Colby so she has a suitable place to do her homework. Also, Rachel needed essential clothing and shoes for Kodee.

Rachel also told us: “I am a divorced mother and as money is tight and I was struggling to afford big items that the children needed, such as a bed, desk and new school uniforms.

“Both children needed some furniture for their bedrooms, and new shoes and clothes. I have previously worked for Monsoon, Coast and Mint Velvet for years, so when I found FTCT through the Turn2Us website I thought I might be eligible.

“I felt nervous about approaching, and I wasn’t entirely sure what I could ask for. But I would have been so grateful for any help. I felt it was worth trying even if we didn’t receive anything.

“The grant has made an immense difference. Kodee and Colby’s bedrooms look lovely and they are sleeping much better. I also was able to buy new school uniforms and a sports kit for Kodee plus other much needed items. Having good quality footwear and clothing is essential and makes a huge difference for them at school.

“I would say to other parents, if you have the trade connection just get in touch with FTCT and see what happens, it’s definitely worth it and has been a real blessing.”

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