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Monday, June 5th, 2017 | Posted in Blog

It’s Volunteers’ Week and to celebrate we are saying THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers for the difference they make to the children of families in the UK fashion and textile industry. Volunteers like Kamilla have helped to raise not only funds, but awareness too over the past two years.

Jill, marketing communications manager at FTCT, thanked Kamilla personally and found out why she enjoys volunteering for FTCT.

‘It was the fashion aspect that first attracted me to FTCT. I am a fashion designer and had seen the charity before at the trade show Pure London, so when searching for fashion initiatives online, the FTCT name popped up and I recognised it.  I like helping people and the charity was a unique combination that suited my two passions – there’s not really another charity like FTCT.

I first volunteered at Textile Forum – a fashion fabrics trade show- and after that the Drapers Awards and House of Lords event. I really enjoyed working with FTCT because of the team. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and genuinely enthusiastic about the charity. I always recommended my friends volunteer for FTCT too. It’s good fun.

The benefits of volunteering

Volunteering has helped my career in the sense of building new supplier networks, particularly at the trade shows. Every event or show I volunteer for helps to build my professional network. At the moment, I am developing my fashion brand and launching a new collection with a menswear label too, and recently I got invited to do a fashion show in New York, which is exciting. I also work as a store manager in New Look to fund my fashion designer business.

Kamilla with a fellow FTCT volunteer, Isaac

Kamilla with a fellow FTCT volunteer, Isaac

It’s really made me aware of the issues of the people FTCT are supporting. So I am always speaking to possible applicants through my work. Through conversations with friends about my volunteering, I can talk about the grants too. I have loaded the flyers everywhere, so people can find out about FTCT!

I love working with you guys! You guys are so professional and enthusiastic about what you do. On the day it’s fun and I can bounce off the energy. Even new people will feel like they can approach you. Everyone I have met is so nice, which is why I keep coming back! Plus, I love the thank you cards and emails FTCT send me afterwards. It shows you really appreciate the help. I wasn’t expecting anything back from giving my time, so that was amazing.

If I had a friend who wanted to volunteer with FTCT, I would say ‘go ahead and do it!’ It’s inspiring and I have learnt loads. Plus, this is a route for volunteers who are looking to get into fashion. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to give for volunteering, most of the events happen after work hours. It’s one evening or an afternoon out of your week. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s really positive’.

There is lots more information about FTCT. We have volunteer opportunities for later this year, either helping at events, like Kamilla, or taking part in the sponsored Santa Run in December – to help raise money. For more information, please email Janet – admin@ftct.org.uk or call on 020 3667 7882.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at FTCT’s volunteering Mission Statement.

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