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Thursday, May 11th, 2017 | Posted in Blog, Fundraising

Its back – the fantastic super hero run is on in Regents Park, London, and Hobbs have lined up a great team to raise funds for FTCT grants.

On Sunday Team Hobbs will run, walk and jog over five kilometres. There’ll be jostling at the start line, sprint finishes and PBs – all in the aid of charity, a great day out and the chance to dress up as a super hero!

Here are two of Team Hobbs sharing their reasons for taking part.

Hannah, Hobbs e-commerce team

“I started running last year but still Picture of Hobbs runner Hannahconsider myself very much a beginner! I have set myself the challenge of completing three marathons, starting with Liverpool at the end of May. I would love to travel as much as possible with my running, the most exciting race I have booked so far is Marrakech marathon next January. It’s a very fast race but I will be taking photos with the camels along the way!”


Courtney, Hobbs Graphic Designer, Brand Creative

“I have tried running over the last two Picture of Hobbs runner Courtneyyears or so – some people are naturally good at it, I am not – but FTCT is a cause that was too great not to support, and who doesn’t love dressing up as a superhero on the weekend!”

We hear Courtney is great at rapping too, so we’re looking forward to a super hero rap at the finish line!




We are very proud of all those taking part and wish Hannah and Courtney, and all at Team Hobbs, the very best on Sunday. Please support the team and make a donation to their fundraising page.

Where your sponsorship will go

The retail landscape is changing and our work is more relevant than ever. We’ve seen a significant rise in the demand for grants recently. An average grant is £150, which buys a school uniform for a child or a new bed for a child, like Dexter aged 4 years.

We operate at a low cost with a small team, which means any donation will go directly to beneficiaries.

Read success stories from some of the families we have supported.

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