We're a small charity that helps children of parents or carers who work in UK fashion and textiles. Getting help from FTCT is really simple- all you need to do is just give us a call.

Call us on 0300 123 9002 or email grants@ftct.org.uk

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Promotional toolkit

Everyone has different requirements and ways of working, which is why we’ve created this adaptable toolkit of promotional resources to help you spread the word about the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust in your organisation. You’ll find a range of items – text, pictures, logos, promotional poster, booklet and website widgets – to be used in whatever way works best for you.  We’ll be adding to the toolkit as new resources become available. If you have any requests or if you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. Finally, a small request:  we’d love to receive copies of any newsletters, websites or other places where you’ve promoted the charity – there’s a space on our office wall just waiting to be filled, so please send them over! Thank you for supporting the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust.

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FTCT Logo (818KB)
FTCT Logo Landscape (438KB)
FTCT Button Figures Logo (153KB)
What do we mean by fashion and textiles? (3.3MB)
FTCT Brochure & Poster – A3 print version-Girl (3.3MB)
FTCT Brochure & Poster – A3 print version-Clothes (2.9MB)
FTCT Poster A4 Scissors & Tape (1.6MB)
FTCT Poster A4 Girl (1.4MB)
FTCT Poster A4 Boy (1MB)
FTCT Poster A4 Clothes (1.8MB)
FTCT Brand Guidelines – 2014 (2.4MB)
FTCT Presentation and Notes (325KB)
FTCT Media Sheet 2014 (190KB)
FTCT Sample Press Release 2014 (230KB)
FTCT Sample Newsletter Copy 2014 (201KB)
FTCT Quarter Page Ad (113KB)
FTCT-Half Page Horizontal Ad (1.6MB)
FTCT-Half Page Vertical Ad (190KB)
FTCT Full Page Ad (315KB)