Taking care of yourself this Blue Monday

Monday, January 16th, 2017 | Posted in Blog

teddy-1141942_1280This day – a Monday in late January – was ‘calculated’ by a holiday firm who stated this day to be the ‘saddest day of the year’. Traditionally, people think about their debt problems, the cold weather and amongst other things, the realisation that their New Year resolutions have been broken!

Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) is a charity that supports families in the UK fashion and textile industry who are in need of financial assistance for essential items for their children that can help, not only during the post-Christmas time but also all year round. If you are struggling financially, and you meet the criteria, visit our website to see the grants we can offer.  

Things you can do to boost your Blue Monday?

Why not get some fresh air this afternoon and go for a walk? Natural light helps stabilise serotonin and triggers endorphin, both mood-boosting hormones, and gentle exercise will leave you feeling calmer and happier.

When you make a list of the things and people in your life that you are grateful for, will make you smile.

No matter how bad life feels, research shows, even the act of searching for things to be grateful for in life, can boost your mood.

Advice from the UK mental health charity Mind is “If you are struggling with feelings of depression over a long period you should speak to your doctor, or a trusted family member or friend”. For guidance please click here.

There is research that links altruistic behaviour with improved health and a greater sense of well-being. When you offer someone a genuine compliment, do something good for someone or even helping a charitable cause, can make you feel good.

Just by spreading the word about FTCT – sending this message to your friends and colleagues or liking our Facebook page can help. You may even want to check out our website to see if you qualify for a grant for essential items for your child.

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