The countdown has begun!

Friday, March 27th, 2015 | Posted in Blog, Events

The countdown has begun to the 2015 London Marathon! With only 30 days to go, over 37,000 runners will be picking up the pace and training hard in preparation for their 26 mile sprint!  

Athletics - Virgin Money London Marathon 2014

This year our six wonderful runners Jim Shearer, whose son Louie was a FTCT beneficiary; industry supporters from Topman, Bobby Reid and Yasemin GreenSam Watts from Selfridges; and FTCT trustee Amit Chowdhury and his lovely friend Rebecca Balfour have put themselves forward to raise money in aid of children whose parents work in the UK fashion and textile industry.

Please click on their names above and show support by giving what you can!
Money they raise will go directly to help children in the industry. See how an FTCT has recently helped Melina and Danny, Rachael and Elizabeth and Aisha and Jo.
Thinking of running next year’s marathon, or maybe a 5-10k fun run? If so we’d love to hear from you. There is still time to sign up for our Super Hero Run, or if you’re interested in running the London Marathon 2016 please call 020-7232-1876 so we can put your name down (no obligation at this stage!). Until then, here are some handy websites and apps to get you started…
Running Tips for Beginners
Couch to 5k
Zombies, Run!

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