Three new friendly people join FTCT ….

Friday, January 14th, 2011 | Posted in Blog

Yesterday, we had our Trustee Meeting – a great opportunity for all 16 of us to get together, get an update of what’s been happening since October 2010, make sure that we’re performing to the best of our ability, contribute to plans for the future and bring individual skills and expertise to the charity. A very warm welcome to our new Trustees, Jess, Mike and Amit, too! When some of our Trustees, Elaine and myself met with a small group of mums whose children we support, last July, one mum said, “I didn’t even know what a Trust was’. For a parent applying for a grant, hearing phrases such as ‘the Cases Committee’ and ‘Trustees’ can be daunting. Who are the ‘Trustees? ’. So to take away these phrases and words, we just want to let you know that ‘the Trustees’ are friendly people, some of whom are parents themselves, all of whom give their time voluntarily to the charity, because they believe in the support we can give and want to ensure that the grants we have, really reach those who need our help the most. That could be you!
We are delighted that three more friendly people / Trustees joined us yesterday to help us reach our goals; Jess, Mike and Amit, we’re really excited about working with you and to any parent reading this, please don’t be afraid of giving us a call, we’re here in the FTCT office and want to hear from you ….

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