Tips for new secondary school parents

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 | Posted in Blog

Young student writingIs your child moving on to secondary school this September? Or changing schools?

Along with the excitement and anticipation of a new school, children may also be feeling anxious and a little nervous – even though they may not share these feelings with you.

Big school is different; getting to and from school on their own, different classes for different lessons, keeping up with homework, as well as the great opportunities to make new friends and discover classes they may not have tried before.

How can parents help?

As parents, there are some ways we can ease this transition and help them feel more confident. Here are some top tips for helping your child ease into their new school:

  • Start saying ‘goodbye’ to the old school – remind them of the good times, their achievements and the positive skills they can take to their new school.
  • Find some good news about their new school – look at their website together. Tell them what they can expect, the extra-curricular activities they might want to sign up to, the good stories from older siblings or friends.
  • Be prepared – go out together to get items from the ‘schools list’, calculator, dictionary, art pencils, etc. so feel prepared.
  • Help them work out their new route to school – check bus and train times and walking routes. Teach them to stay safe when they are travelling.
  • Now is a good time to spread the cost of school uniform, making sure you buy items with enough ‘space for them to grow’ over the summer holidays!
  • Remember to keep your receipts – just in case you need to exchange items later!

Grant update

We know many FTCT children are making this transition in Mother and daughterthe new term, and some parents have already made enquiries or applications for grants for this. As the demand is great, we are dealing with each application in the order we received them and cannot guarantee that all applications will be successful. At present, new enquiries received in July will- if successful- not be paid until October 2017.

IF YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL in receiving an FTCT grant from us, you may be able to offset school purchases against the grant payment issued to you. This will only be possible if your receipts are dated AFTER the date of your grant enquiry. 


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