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At the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust, we focus on providingBeing a young carer can have a big impact positive and practical support to children and families in challenging circumstances, to make daily life that little bit easier. That’s why today we are 100% supporting the Carers Trust’s Young Carers Awareness Day (Thursday 26 January) to highlight how difficult it can be for young carers to realise their hopes for the future unless they have the right support in place.

About Young Carers Awareness Day: #YCAD2017 is a national day when we can all recognise and be more aware of the children who care for their relatives on a daily basis, and how the children put their schooling and young lives on hold to do this.

The research overwhelmingly shows that children and young people are missing out on their childhood, schoolwork and the chance to develop their own way in life as usually their focus is very much on the needs of the person they are caring for:

  • Almost half of young carers are reporting stress, tiredness or mental health problems because of their caring role
  • 80% of young carers are missing out on childhood activities because of their caring role
  • Almost half of young carers are struggling to get their homework done on time because of their caring role

Source: https://carers.org/young-carers-awareness-day

Visit the Carers Trust to find out more about the work they do and the lives of the young people they support, including their online community Babble- a safe space for young carers (under 18 years) to connect with each other and chat through their worries.

Do you know a young carer? Why not find out if an FTCT grant could help them.


There are many ways an FTCT could help a young carer, from additional learning support helping them keep up with schoolwork, to respite activities like after school clubs, giving them have time away from home life to explore their own hobbies. Find out what funding is currently available>

Jada and Maya’s Story

“The grant has given Jada and I Jada and Maya-Imageprecious quality time together”, Maya told FTCT, “without my mind having to worry about money. She has gained so much confidence on the course – she has now enrolled on a Level 3 BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts at college!”

Jada* is 15 years old and is a young carer for her mother Maya*, who bravely tackles mental health problems, as a result of the emotional, mental and sexual abuse she suffered for most of her life. For Jada being a young carer means providing lots of emotional support to her mum Maya, as well as completing tasks around the house.

Encouraged by her mum, Jada found a love of the performing arts, using them as an important alternative outlet from her responsibilities at home.

Maya heard about FTCT through another charity and applied for a grant, towards fees for a drama course, for Jada. Maya used to work at Sainsbury’s, which made her eligible to apply.

FTCT awarded a grant to cover a four-year course, while Jada finished her studies at secondary school.

*Personal details have been changed to protect identities.

If you know a young carer or are a carer for a young child and need additional financial support, please find out more about FTCT grants and who can apply. We currently have funding available for additional support including respite activities, additional learning support, mobility equipment and more.

To find out more, send us an enquiry online today. Or call our friendly team in confidence on 0300 123 9002.


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