Why a child may need a FTCT grant

Friday, April 17th, 2015 | Posted in Blog

Shearer thank you smallWe receive hundreds of enquiries every year from parents seeking financial help for their children, and the reasons are varied.

As in the case of Jada and Maya, a young person may be a carer to their parent and need financial assistance to access extracurricular activities to improve their confidence.  Or, in the case of Louie (pictured) who was diagnosed as pre-lingually deaf, the family may need support via a wellbeing grant to cover the cost of a specialist therapy that isn’t provided by the NHS.

Recently, FTCT supported Monica and Seth. Seth was being severely bullied at school. With his health suffering and his self-esteem undermined, Monica approached FTCT to ask for an education grant so Seth could attend a new school that suited his needs.

We hear a lot of parents saying they feel awkward asking for help. This is heart-breaking as it only takes one change in circumstance, such as a diagnosis of chronic illness, to turn a family’s life upside down and plunge them into financial hardship.

Our education and wellbeing grants are there to act as a bridge to help children and their families through hard times. Whatever the challenges, even a small grant can relieve financial pressure and make a world of difference. Approaching FTCT, or any charity for that matter, is difficult and it takes strength and courage to reach out.

Every day at FTCT we are humbled by the strength and resilience of the parents who contact us. That is why it’s important to pass on our details on to anyone you know who needs help and encourage them to give us a call.

We speak with all our families in the strictest confidence and under no circumstance do we approach the employer.

This is what one of the families we supported had to say:

 “It was difficult approaching FTCT at first as we’ve always paid our own way and never asked for a penny, but sometimes life presents you with situations you never thought you’d have to deal with. We had to help our little boy so we had no choice but to seek help.” Nicola and Darren

If you, or anyone you know needs our help please contact 0300 123 9002 to speak to Dora our grants coordinator. Or if you would like to help us reach more families (for example by putting up a poster in your local area) please contact Janet at admin@ftct.org.uk to find out how you can support us.

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