A pale pink background with the draprs covid 19 appeal text over an image of two children playing.

Help us raise £60,000 to support families in the UK fashion and textile industry.

Children in families across our industry are already going without the things they need to feel safe, comfortable and supported. For many parents it was a struggle to make ends meet before the coronavirus outbreak.

In light of this, we are pleased to launch our fundraising appeal in partnership with Drapers magazine. Together, we want to ensure children of families in our industry don't go without during this challenging time.

Kirsty McGregor, Drapers editor: 
"The fashion retail industry is incredibly resilient, but even before the Covid-19 coronavirus forced the closure of non-essential stores, many fashion retailers were struggling to keep up with fast-changing consumer behaviour. Over the past few years we have watched as well-known high street names have fallen into administration and closed rafts of stores, resulting in tens of thousands of job losses – and that decline has been exacerbated by the current crisis."

"We have seen how devastating this can be for people working in our industry, and that is why we support the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust. The FTCT has transformed the lives of many families, and with your help, it will be able to provide essential aid to those who have fallen on hard times as a result of the coronavirus pandemic."   

Why we need your help

In the last three weeks applications for our grants have tripled, with requests for items like clothing, bedding and shoes.

For children with additional needs, parents are requesting sensory items and specialist equipment to care for them 24/7 while their normal support services are closed.

Anna Pangbourne talking on stage at the Drapers Awards 2019."Many of the parents we are speaking to simply aren’t eligible for the government schemes available. For families used to living month to month, they can’t afford the shortfall left by furlough pay or the wait for Universal Credit. Our grants can act as a safety net during this unpredictable time.”
Anna Pangbourne, FTCT Director.

For over 150 years, we have been giving financial support to families in the UK fashion and textile industry. From retail, to manufacture, design to distribution, laundry services to textile processing and more, hundreds of parents across the industry rely on our grants, to provide essential items for their children.

Our grant funds have nearly depleted and now with such high demand for our services we need your support.  Please help us to raise £60,000 and ensure many more children can have their basic needs met during this challenging time. Your donation will go directly to the children and families we support.

"It’s so difficult because all a family wants to do is be able to provide everything themselves. Our mantra had always been: mend and make do. But recent events had pushed us to a point where we simply had to ask for help.” FTCT applicant.

It is important to note we are not eligible for the government support package, announced earlier this month. Despite the vital service we give to so many, the government package is only available to charities offering key services and front line community support. 

It's our industry- let's support each other, together. Your donation could make a huge difference to another child's life.