The Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) have grants available for children whose parents work in the UK fashion and textile industry. Our current focus is on helping parents whose children have additional health or learning needs.

What is a grant and how could it help your child?

A grant is a financial donation which doesn't have to be repaid. Our grants can be used to fund a wide range of support items for children with a diagnosed medical condition or mental health or complex educational needs. Items we can fund, include mobility equipment, educational support or sensory toys. Applying for an FTCT grant can free up your income for necessary household bills or essential family expenses.

Robin’s story

Picture of Robyn in his wheelchair, funded by an FTCT grant.Robin is 12 and lives with his parents Natalie and Darren. Robin received a grant for a new wheelchair after Natalie’s partner Darren heard about FTCT through his employer, Allied Textiles.

Natalie told us, “We live in a rural area and love getting out of the house for walks. Life as a carer can be tough and the fresh air is good for all of us especially Robin’s wellbeing. He gets anxious in crowded spaces, so countryside walks are ideal for him, but we couldn’t take him out with his NHS wheelchair.”

"We started to fundraise ourselves and raised £2,000 through sponsored runs and a car boot sale. Then my partner Darren’s boss at Allied Textiles suggested we contact FTCT for a grant. ”

“I am so glad we applied. FTCT supported us and we were able to buy Robin’s new chair. It has given us more options and choices for getting out the house. It has made a huge difference to Robin’s mental wellbeing too. He is more confident in public places and has even started sailing with a disability charity.”

Read more about how Robin’s new wheelchair benefited the whole family.

FTCT have supported hundreds of families like Robin’s and we are here to support you.  If you need similar financial support for your child, visit our apply here section.

Funding for all the family

Often siblings in the family need essential items too. Our grants can stretch to meet their needs too. In the past we have supported siblings with bedroom furniture, essential school items and winter clothes. Like Archie's and his siblings. Read Archie’s story here.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a grant for your child, why not find out if you could apply.

Apply now

If you need any additional information on applying for a grant, or about our charity, please contact the grants team for more information on your particular situation.