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Redundancy can be a very stressful process for anyone. But the pressure can really mount if money is already tight and you have children to care for.  When you’re facing a sudden loss of income, making a plan of action can be crucial.

If you have been told you are facing redundancy from a fashion or textile company and have children aged up to 18 years, you can apply for a grant from us now, even if you don't have an end date yet. The sooner you decide to ask for help, the sooner it arrives. Read more about our grants. 

As well as turning to charities like ours, there may be other ways you can improve your financial situation before your final day at work, including doing a debt audit and making sure your benefits are reflect the loss of income. 

Read more: Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert has a particularly good article on this subject – giving tips on everything from saving money to applying for benefits. The Money Advice service also has helpful tips for managing your money if your job is at risk

How we can help

Almost 60,000 people in the UK retail sector alone lost their jobs in the past year, so we have become very familiar with helping people who are facing redundancy. 

In the last year alone we have supported more than 600 children whose parents were affected by a range of issues, including redundancy from companies including BHS, Debenhams, Mothercare and most recently Beales. You can see our Director, Anna talk about our work on ITV News here.

We can support families where one parent/carer works or has worked in fashion and textiles. You can see a full list of what we mean by fashion and textiles here. The list is a lot bigger than you think, so please do take a look before deciding this isn’t you.

We are seeing families approach us for help replacing broken items in the home, such as washing machines or beds. It’s likely these families have been making do, or using any spare wages to save for replacements, but the shock of redundancy has given them no other option. Anna Pangbourne, Director, FTCT

Check your eligibility

If you think you’re eligible to apply to our charity, that’s great. You can make an enquiry today and get the ball rolling. We know that in some instances your last day and work, and your final payday have not been agreed. That's ok, provided you have been formally notified you role will be made redundant, you can apply to us.

Please be aware that the whole process from start to finish can take up to four weeks, so the sooner you’re on our radar the better.

Get started: Read more about our grants and follow the steps to make sure you are eligible ad make an enquiry today.

Applying again

If you have received a grant from us before, or if you have applied to FTCT before and been unsuccessful, that doesn’t automatically mean you can’t apply again. If your grant was awarded more than 12 months ago you are entitled to re-apply. Read more about how to apply again. 

And redundancy counts as a significant change to your circumstances, so even if you were not successful last time you may be on this occasion. However, it’s important to reiterate that our grants are not guaranteed and you will need at some point in the process to evidence financial hardship that means you are unable to afford items essential to your child or children’s wellbeing.

Support with bills and debts

Please be aware that, if you are looking for a grant to pay off debts, our charity isn’t able to do that. Our grants must be put towards items or services essential to the wellbeing of your children.

But there are plenty of organisations that can help you with unmanageable debt, especially when facing redundancy and other significant changes to your financial situation.  

Stepchange can offer advice on your redundancy rights, benefits you may be entitled to and how to avoid getting into debt problems.
Turn2Us has a very useful grant search tool which can match you with other charities who can also help with more general financial problems.
Retail Trust can help retail workers for both fashion and non fashion sectors, they can also support towards bill costs in some cases, so it's worth approaching them. 
Glasspool can help with essential items for those aged over 18 years, including adults.

Whatever you need, remember that applying for help in one place doesn’t disqualify you from seeking help elsewhere. So you can apply to more than one charity for grants or other support.