Stephanie is Mum to Jacob (7) and Benji (5). She first came into contact with FTCT after she had to give up work with the fashion retailer NEXT, to care for Benjamin who has a rare genetic condition.

Picture of Stephanie, Jacob and Benji sitting on a sofa.

“Benji has Noonans Syndrome, which affects his daily life, health and mobility. He was in and out of hospital on a weekly basis from birth, so I had to give up work to care for him full time.”

“We were struggling financially, not only because I had to give up work, but because we had recently moved into our first home, without any basic items. Plus the equipment and support Benjamin needed was becoming unaffordable for me so I reached out for some help.”

Stephanie was researching help online when she came across FTCT’s website. NEXT is one of the many fashion and textile companies which fit into FTCT’s trade criteria, meaning Stephanie was able to apply for a grant.    

"I asked them for help with a fridge freezer to keep Benjamin's medication in, as well as food of course for daily use. We also needed furniture for the boys room and some money for school clothing which can add up to a huge amount when Benji has special clothing and shoes."

 I would never have been able to afford the items FTCT funded. We would have struggled a lot to buy all of the essentials. It has made us able to have food on the table and for me personally to see the happiness on my children’s faces.

“The furniture helped the boys to feel more comfortable in their new home and the school clothing really helped us financially.”

A second grant for Benji

FTCT was able to help Benji again recently, with a grant towards a specialist tricycle for Benjamin (pictured below). 

Stephanie commented, “This trike allows him to have independence, happiness and be able to play with his brother and friends without having someone right there holding him up. The look on his face is just incredible.”

“From start to finish with FTCT I was made feel welcome, comfortable with whoever I spoke to and felt as though the team really cared about my family.”

Stephanie urged other parents who work in fashion and textiles to apply. She told us, “If you are in a position where you need to ask for help, please consider this amazing charity. The application process is easy, the staff are lovely and the outcomes are life changing!”

How could we help you?

If you’re a parent working in the UK fashion and textile industry, your child may be eligible for a grant. Please read more about how we define ‘fashion and textile’, our grants, and what we fund. Then, get in touch or give us a call on 0300 123 9002.