Tony is dad to Rose (17)*. Tony worked at Jaeger for 22 years, before being made redundant when the company went into Administration. The family applied for a grant towards study essentials for Rose. Here Tony talks about their experience with FTCT.

“I worked as a software developer and in various development roles over 22 years. I knew I was going to be made redundant. But after 22 years with a company you have committed most of your working life to, you’re all of a sudden out of your comfort zone and didn’t know what was going to happen. Rose was about to start sixth form and I knew there would be stuff she would need. 

“You sort of question yourself as to how you got into this position, especially claiming for a grant. I have never claimed anything in my life.  I’ve always been self-sufficient as such”

“We received a letter from the administrators and it included FTCT’s information, but it didn’t really register with me initially. There was so much going through our minds at that time. Then someone in the payroll department mentioned about the trust and I thought I would look it up online. I did remember seeing information about it in the redundancy pack we were initially sent.”

I never knew the trust existed. I honestly thought to myself, where’s the catch as I’m very cautious about these things, surely it’s not as simple as it seemed. The whole process of applying to FTCT was as simple as can be. Every time I spoke to the FTCT team, they were always prompt and to the point, which went a long way.

“We applied for a grant towards study essentials for Rose, including essential clothing and a contribution towards a laptop of her own. She had to share mine before which wasn’t practical with her A-level homework. We also got some essential clothing for Rose using the grant too.”

“It was just so nice to be able to give Rose the things she needed. I remember her eyes lighting up when we said it would stretch to some clothing too!”

“It was my first time applying to a charity and it was nice to know we weren’t on our own and there was an organisation there to help. To anyone thinking of applying, definitely do it. At the end of the day there’s always someone to help. No matter how small the amount may seem to you, it can make a huge difference.”

*Names and images have been changed to protect identities. 

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