Completed your enquiry form? What next?

Once you have submitted your online enquiry form, our grants team will review the information you have provided and assess if we think we are the right charity for your family.

If we think we can help your family, we will send you an application form (usually within 14 days of receiving your enquiry).

We may have some further questions about your enquiry form, so please keep an eye on your email (including your junk box). We will always reply to you, even if we don't think we are the right charity for your family. 

Haven't received an application form? What next?

Even if we don't think we are the right charity for your family, we will always try and signpost to others who might be able to help. A great place to start is our useful links page, which has a lists of other great UK charity's we typically refer families to. 

Received an application form? What next?

Once we have sent you an application form, by email and post, you will need to set aside some time to complete it.

You will need to provide some of the same information as you did in the enquiry form (just so we can check we have it noted correctly) plus additional information, such as details of income and expenditure. 

Please note: the more information you can provide us about your financial situation, the easier it will be for our grants team to assess your application. The more information you can give, the better it will be for your application request. 

You will also need to provide some supporting documents, these are detailed on the application form, but it's good for you to start gathering these as soon as you can.  

Can I send my application form without the supporting documents?

We ask for ALL supporting documents to be returned with your application form. Failure to do so might delay or cancel your application. 

Returned you application form? What next?

Once you have returned all your application documents, we will confirm whether we have everything we need and our grants team will review your request.

Again, please keep an eye on your email at this time, because the grants team will email any questions hey might have. 

Our grants team will then get in touch as soon as we have reached a decision about your grant request.

Got more questions?

If you have any more questions, please check our FAQ section, to see if you can find your answer there. 

If you're still unsure, please contact our grants team on 0300 123 9002*

*Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than your standard call rate and should be included in free minute packages from mobiles.