We can consider a contribution towards support such as school fees or private tutors, where there is a strong case why the child's needs cannot be met by the state system.

Need is defined as medical, mental health or complex educational needs.

Applications must be supported with evidence from professionals working with the family; including social worker, health professional, case worker and teacher.

We are unable to help when a school or tutor has been selected on the grounds of a particular type of education such as sports, drama, music or art.

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Children aged between 11-16 years. 

We can also consider sixth form places on a case by case basis.  

We will only consider specialist educational support or therapies for children aged 4-11 years, where there is a significant specialist educational need and where there is no state provision.  

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Parents with a minimum of 3 years employment within the UK fashion and textile industry.  This employment must have been within the last 9 years.

This means the start of your employment must have been within the 9 year period and the following 3 years thereafter. 

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Please note that school fee applications can take up to 6 months to process, from your initial enquiry. We advise you apply as far in advance as possible.

We also advise that you approach other charities at the same time, to maximise your chances of securing funding for your child. 

This is also because we will never fund the full termly amount, which is standard practice for most charities.

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