"I am honoured to be part of such a wonderful charity and I look forward to working on future projects together.”

As we celebrate Volunteers' Week in the UK, we want to shine a spotlight on one of our volunteers, Nicole. Over the past few years, Nicole has contributed her skills as a content creator to enhance our website and social media channels. Not only is she the first remote volunteer we've had, but our partnership has also been incredibly rewarding.

Today, we share Nicole’s journey and experiences with FTCT.

Nicole first reached out to FTCT in November 2021 to volunteer in the marketing department. Her first project involved conducting a Q&A for the Drapers Awards with one of our volunteers, Lucy. This initial experience set the stage for many more exciting projects to come.

Having just moved to London from South Africa, Nicole found volunteering with FTCT to be uplifting and a way to become part of something special. She believes in the importance of having a sense of meaning and purpose in life, and volunteering with FTCT provides her with that.

Fitting volunteering in around her professional work

Nicole volunteers as often as she can, helping out with projects as they arise or bringing new ideas to the table for our website and blog. Her passion for creativity and storytelling is evident in her work, and she finds great joy in seeing the positive impact FTCT has on the lives of families and children in need. Being part of a charity that supports a great cause is a source of honour and inspiration for her, especially as someone who works in the fashion industry.

One of the aspects Nicole enjoys most about volunteering with FTCT is the heartwarming experience of contributing to a charity that makes a real difference. She is inspired by the creativity involved in her role and is excited by the opportunity to explore new ideas within the marketing department.

If you're considering volunteering with us, there are many great reasons to do so. 

You can lend your professional skills to FTCT and develop your career while helping others. Whether you're passionate about fashion, textiles, or improving children's lives, we offer various volunteer opportunities, from remote projects to events like the Drapers Awards. Get involved and make a meaningful impact!

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