*Disclaimer: We are not a financial advisory charity and cannot take responsibility for the exact details of the support you could access. These links are intended to make you aware of the support you might be able to access. Please check with your employer and use the government website to get individual advice.  

All links and tips have been taken from Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert's page about employment and self employment support. We have also included a link to the government's official benefits calculator.  

Your rights as an employee - state help, sick pay, childcare and more 

With many likely to have to take time off work due to sickness, self-isolation or caring for loved ones, or even losing their jobs, it's vital to understand your rights as an employee. Find out the different types of help available. 

Your rights if you're self employed

You can't get statutory sick pay if you're self-employed. But if you have to take time off work because you're sick or self-isolating – or if you've lost all your income due to coronavirus – you might be entitled to claim benefits. Plus further help has been announced in the form of the new Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS). Find out about the support available.

Gig worker, zero hours, freelance or agency? Check if you're eligible for furlough

If you work in the 'gig' economy, you freelance, you work through an agency or are on a 'zero-hours' contract, it's important to check whether you are actually employed or self-employed.

The best way to tell this is to see how you're taxed. If you're taxed through PAYE, then you're considered as an employee. So, you should have the same rights as an employee - read more about what those are.

Universal Credit and other benefits

Universal credit is a benefit which is available to many employed and self-employed workers, either if you're on low income of if you're unemployed (including if you were on a higher income, but that income has now either stopped or been reduced).

Amid the current crisis, the Government has increased the standard allowance AND removed the minimum income floor (which benefits the self-employed).  

Find out what you could be entitled to on the government website

Struggling with debt? StepChange the national debt charity offer FREE expert, tailored advice and practical solutions to problem debt.  You can get advice online or over the phone. Find out more.