As we have all witnessed recently, circumstances can suddenly arise and leave any of us financially vulnerable. That’s when our grants can step in and make sure children don’t have to live without the things they need to grow and thrive.   

Kirsty McGregor, editor of Drapers: 

 “The fashion retail industry has been extremely hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and tens of thousands of redundancies last year. We have seen how devastating this can be for people working in our industry, and that is why we support the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust. The FTCT has transformed the lives of many families, and with your help, it will be able to provide essential aid to children and families across the sector."   

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Anna Pangbourne talking on stage at the Drapers Awards 2019.

Anna Pangbourne, FTCT director:

“We will make sure the proceeds raised from this appeal are immediately put to use, buying warm clothes, children’s beds and essential appliances for families across the industry who are really struggling financially."

As one parent told us, “I cannot even describe how helpful this grant was at this time. It has taken a lot of pressure off me and has improved my mental health during a difficult time.”

Each week our charity is giving out £10,000 in grants to help parents and carers across the industry provide essential items for their children. 

Please watch this short video to hear some of the experiences of families we have helped during the pandemic: 

It's our industry- let's support each other, together. Your donation could make a huge difference to another child's life.

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