Archie’s Dad Steve works for the  fashion brand, Lands’ End. Steve and his wife Leanne successfully applied for £2,000 towards essential items for their children Archie, Gracie, Pheobie and Teddie.

Watch Archie's story or read it below:

“Our son Archie has a undiagnosed condition, similar to cerebral palsy and relies solely on the care that my wife Leanne and I provide for him.”

“We recently had to move house, so that we could make adaptations to suit Archie’s needs and that came at a high price. I heard about FTCT through my colleague Wendy Sanders, who works on our HR team at Lands’ End."

"Initially, we decided to apply for specialist equipment for Archie, including a weather cover and tray for his wheelchair, plus a seating system called a P-Pod. These items are very expensive, but essential for Archie’s needs. They allow him to relax with the family in comfort and play outside, no matter the weather!”

It’s actually really hard to take money off people regardless of whether it’s a charity or from friends, but the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust were amazing and made it very natural for us to be able to accept what they wanted to support us with. They are fantastic! 

“After getting in touch, the grants team asked if our other children might need anything to help with the move.”

“Our application was successful and we received a grant of £2,000 towards Archie’s equipment, plus new beds and drawers for Teddie, Grace and Pheobie’s bedroom’s.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Steve and Leanne for sharing their FTCT success story with us and for allowing us to make this video.

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