Gordon and his wife Andrea care for their five grandchildren, Cole (11), Dylan (8), Theo (3), Kailum (3) and Emily (16 months). The family applied for an FTCT grant towards essential bedroom furniture and clothes for the children. Here Gordon talks about their experience with FTCT.

“We have cared for Kailum and Emily since birth and the other boys for the past two years.”

“I work as a project manager for John Lewis. I heard about FTCT after having an informal chat with our partner registry team. We were running short on all the basics they needed, like bedding, clothes and shoes.”

All our savings had gone, because Andrea had to give up work once we had the boys, so we have just been managing on my wage. Our daughter was still receiving the child benefit allowance for the 1st year and it took us that long for them to sort out. With the drop in income and five extra mouths to feed, something had to give.

 “We were apprehensive when we first got in touch with FTCT. We didn’t like to ask for help, but there was nowhere else to turn to. We had taken on care of the children, but couldn’t give them what they needed. “

“Initially we just asked for school uniform, but when we spoke to the grants team, they suggested we ask for everything the children might need. So we gave them our full wish list and it felt like such a relief.”

“We were just so used to making do and going without what they really needed. We felt greedy and it seemed like we were asking for a lot. We kept thinking, surely there are other’s worse off than us.”

“The grant has made our lives so much easier. We were able to buy clothes for all the kids, plus all the new bedroom furniture they needed. Beds for the boys and a cot for Emily.”

“The FTCT team went above and beyond and we really appreciated how they spoke to us as human beings. To anyone else thinking of applying for an FTCT grant, I would say, just do it and be truthful about what you need. Don’t be scared to ask for help.”

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